Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last weekend of summer classes!

View of the Capitol from this past week. Pretty flowers, pretty day (in the shade). This was hours before a death threat letter hit one of the offices and practically shut down the east wing of the G level and countless law enforcement and first responder vehicles lined the Capitol Drive.
Oh, hello. It's Statistics class. Time for another post. Get ready for some first world problems:
  • I have a sinus headache but am too lazy to rustle through my bag and find some Advil congestion meds.
  • I need more coffee and waiting for the opportune time to run to the coffee machine before my classmates get there on break
  • I'm too tired to read through all my "to read" emails or answer old texts I've let go by the wayside.
  • I need to deposit a check but don't have a dark surface on which to place the check so I can take a photo of it and instantly deposit it through my USAA banking app.
  • Giving myself a pedicure in class would be frowned upon.

Well that's embarrassing. In other news, here are two photos of awesomeness from the past week:

Cool Category:

This is an AMBUS. An ambulance bus. There are 13 of these bad boys in Texas, and I was able to go in this one and visit with some of the EMTF (Emergency Management Task Force) personnel. Cool facts about this bus:
  • They can be configured to hold 20 gurneys (think shallow but adequate bunk beds) lining the sides of the bus.
  • There's a wench in the bottom middle of the bus and they can pull bariatric patients in this way.
  • These 13 buses have the same capacity as 117 ambulances, so clearly they're a big help when there's a need for an evacuation of, say, a nursing home or hospital.
  • Buses elsewhere are equipped with 4 air conditioning units, but the Texas AMBUSes have FIVE. So there.
So Very Weird category:

I don't care who you are. This is weird.
And for the Totally Awesome Category:
I took this pic on a dreamy Sunday evening kayak ride with Tim - we bought kayaks at the beginning of summer and have thoroughly enjoyed being out on the water. We've been going out in the morning, which is still fun, but the evening ride (with a picnic dinner!) was pretty stellar. And since we haven't been out in the evenings on kayaks since that one time I broke up with him on July 4, 2010 when walking over the Potomac River in DC ("I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...")... it was nice to have a good memory of a sunset kayak ride :).
Have a great weekend, y'all!! 

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