Friday, August 1, 2014

It's the simple things

After class on Friday nights, I come home and am pretty much worthless for the evening. Tonight, Tim is on a boat somewhere in Lake Austin for a work thingy (tough life, I know), so after 237... Okay, 4, times of trying unsuccessfully to make Netflix connect so I can get my long overdue 30 Rock fix, I started flipping through our measly channel selection and was so elated to come across this gem! 

True Grit! Rooster Cogburn!.... Stand up Tom Chaney! ....My family has property! ...Is that man simple minded? ...oh, they're dead. Terrible sight to see... Rooster Cogburn is no friend of mine...

Oh good times.

So good that I tripped over my very full, stemless glass holding the remainder of my red wine and discovered that my big easy chair has some sort of 3M repellant in it, so you can't tell I splashed the side of it. And thank goodness for carpet spot cleaner. 

Back to the liquor cabinet to fully appreciate this !movie night. I might even try to take a swig Rooster Cogburn style.

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