Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinking on the job

Seriously, people. This has gotten out of control. 

This is my desk right now. No staging was necessary for this photo. Tap water in my (Go CHI-O!) red cup. Iced tea (was) in my Aggie Tervis Tumbler. Sparkling (flat) water straight from the big Trader Joe's bottle. Hot mint tea in my EE cup. Lawdy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

George H. W. Bush on Socks

I love George Herbert Walker Bush. So much. Allie sent me this buzzfeed highlighting his advice for choosing socks and, well, read it for yourself. And then go buy some fun socks. Live a little.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Frank Lucas

This is a Frank Lucas.

I created this masterpiece while watching American Gangster. My man Denzel was so cool, per usual, I just had to name this lovely drink after his character. (And yes, I carry a little chip on my shoulder because I invented the half tea half lemonade drink dubbed the "Arnold Palmer" when I was like 2. Come on, how creative a drink is this?!?)

This is how you make a Frank Lucas:
Whiskey (to taste)
Triple sec (to taste)
Sprinkle of bitters
A maraschino cherry if you're feeling lucky

Do what you like. Like what you do.

And now, some Frank Lucas quotes.

"See, ya are what ya are in this world. That's either one of two things: Either you're somebody, or you ain't nobody."

"My man."

"This is my home. My country. Frank Lucas don't run from nobody. This is America."

But Why Male Models?

It's time to fire up the ol' blog. Here's why. I'm in Statistics class and really have no clue what's going on. I sit here for 4.5 hours every Saturday morning (from 7:30am - 12:00pm, mind you), developing severe frowning and squinting lines as I stare at the projector screen, terrified that I'm going to blurt out, "....BUT WHY MALE MODELS!?" Zoolander style.

 (inserting a clever meme is proving more difficult than my short temper will allow right now, so just use your own imagination). After having everything explicitly explained to him, he was still so thoroughly confused....

Rather than letting all my genius go to waste as I languish here in Stats, I thought I'd channel all this creative energy back into my blog. Besides, typing on a Word-like document isn't as suspicious-looking as pinterest would be to my classmates.

So yeah. Quick catch up: I'm still married to Sherpa Tim. He's the best thing in this world. I'm still working for Rep. Ed Thompson at the Texas Capitol, love my job. I'm pursuing an Executive Master's degree in Public Leadership at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT. Learning a lot, loving the other 22 people in the cohort.

Well shucks. In a fit of despair, I just jerked back in a display of utter defiance for coefficients of determination (whatever the hell that means), and jammed my knee into the table leg. This class reeks of an exercise in futility, given that I'm planning a party after this class is over that involves pyrotechnics and explosives.... and I PRAY I don't have to ever use this info.

Let me be clear. The professors in this class are great men. I really respect their work and their dedication to the field of statistics.

But enough about Stats. No really.
 Time for a nap. At my desk.