Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last weekend, the fiance (that's right folks, I'm engaged... a post for another day!) and the brother (up and coming oil and gas tycoon in Houston) and I went to see 2016: Obama's America. (yeah yeah you liberal hippies reading this... shut yo face).

It's actually a good movie. Go see it and then we can talk.

Funniest thing, though - when the credits rolled at the end of the film, a man stood up and crowed, "y'all all better remember that s*** when it comes time to VOTE!" and the crowd roared and clapped.

At this point, Tim has fallen on the ground unable to breathe because he's laughing so hard. I - in my best southern drawl - say, "way-uhl-come tew Texis, sugah."

Good times.

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  1. ooh now I am interested and want to see it!! Congrats on getting engaged girlie!