Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh my goodness what just happened?

Hello new google blog format. Will we be friends?

Ahem. So today one of my greatest fears was realized and I LIVED TO TELL THE TALE. Let's cut right to the chase: A creepy blackbird/grackle pest swooped down on my head this morning and scratched my scalp.

I was jogging in front of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 38th and Lamar when I felt the strange sensation of skinny fingernails grabbing my hair. My first thought was that a friend was running, too, and grabbed my hair from behind. Then I realized I don't have any friends with fingernails that skinny... and there was such a small amount of pressure... it was....not...human.

Now there are a couple different angles from which to examine this horrendous deed:

  • My hair was pretty frizzy, and matched the color of my yellow shirt. Maybe it thought I was a big haystack.
  • I was jogging so very slowly that the bird mistook me for a stationary object, like say, a nest.
  • The dang thing was trying to steal my headband. Seriously pulled it but thank goodness it let go!
  • This  is karma because moments before I caught a glimpse of my reflection and thought, "hey, runner! you don't look so bad! You actually look AWESOME!" Hopefully it wasn't like this:

Thankfully I was highly aware that there were people all around (38th and Lamar is a busy intersection for you non-Austinites), so I oh-so-smoothly laughed it off, as in, "hee hee, silly Mary-Poppins-style-animated-bird trying to take my headband, fa la la happy world." It was about 30 seconds later that I realized I was about to hyperventilate I felt so violated. So I walked the rest of the way home. And shampooed several times, wishing they made an antibacterial shampoo.

The End. The massive bird fear continues, clearly. 


  1. I was expecting at a phone call in response to all this grackle tomfoolery but you didn't mention it. Big strides, Emily, big strides.


  2. This is hilarious!

    However, I am very sorry for your traumatic experience.