Thursday, October 13, 2011

"The Flea Party"

I've held my tongue -- you're welcome -- on this whole #OWS Occupy Wall Street joke, but I can't take it any longer. This sent me over the edge. Port-a-Potties are one of those "basic human rights"?!?!

Ok, big picture. They're putting on this show because they're ultimately mad at Congress/Obama for the state of this country. Misplaced blame is a pet peeve o' mine. Kinda like when people call their State Representative to complain about a bill that's before their U.S. Congressman, or blame aforementioned State Representative for voting for Obamacare. Really. It's like slovenly folk picketing in front of the makeup counter at CVS because other people are more attractive than they are when wearing makeup purchased at aforementioned counter. A stretch? Ok, I'll slow down.

But I will close with this: a list of Hollywood idiots to boycott. And I'm going to get serious about this whole boycotting-movies-that-star-ridiculously-good-looking-people-or-listening-to-and-buying-music-that-has-a-great-beat-but-may-be-spreading-anti-American-sentiment thing, because I've got my rights, and one of 'em is to keep my $10 in my purse and not hand it over to the movie theater, and keep my mind from wandering to stupid lyrics that so nicely accompany a song I like to hear...just because it has a good beat.

The list of celebrities who have visited and/or supported #OWS, the delinquent "Flea Party" <-- you have to admit, that's funny stuff):
  1. Kanye West (big surprise)
  2. Russell Simmons (go hang out with your fellow victim Warren Buffet. I feel so sorry for you.)
  3. Michael Moore (I DID sleight you/your Fahrenheit 9/11 by paying for a different movie and sneaking into your movie in 2004)
  4. Al Sharpton (you are a joke. Please retire from the need to be seen.)
  5. Charles Rangel (you too.)
  6. Tim Robbins (Well, I liked Morgan Freeman more than you in The Shawshank Redemption.)
  7. Penn Badgley (Um, you were apparently on Gossip Girl... and thus I am judging you for that anyway)
  8. Susan Sarandon (I know you're trouble. My love for Christian Bale trumps the boycott for 1 movie: Little Women. Marmie, I forgive you just this once).
  9. Yoko Ono (lady, sorry for your loss you've been milking for money for years now, but is the road to peace truly making a mess in a city park?)
  10. Alec Baldwin (you again. Your parody of Perry on SNL needs some work, but you totally nailed the hairdo.)
  11. Jane Fonda (wretch.)
That's all for now. Thanks for reading.