Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Fredericksburg Fourth of July Parade!!

It's no secret that the Fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday (see 2010, 2009 and again).... and the 2011 festivities did not disappoint. Here are some photos from the parade:

Things kicked off with an impressive flyover:

When I first saw this kid, I thought his t-shirt said "AC/DC," and I thought it was a bit inappropriate for such a little guy to wear not only sunglasses and a bandana hat, but really? AC/DC? Upon closer look....

Old vets waving. Gets me every time.

Oh pass the tissues.

Flags in face.

Reenactors from the Nimitz Museum... next reenactment is October 1-2!

Singing, check. Small flag, check. Sign with tinsel, check.

Be still my heart.

Precious little girl with somewhat creepy clown

Kid in a refrigerator box-turned army tank. How cute is this?!

Little kis in big trucks. Do we see a trend?

There are no words. Patriotism personified, folks.

This is also quite the dedicated parade participant.

Old cars.

Obligatory up close shot of old car

And again.

She loves the U.S. Constitution. Not sure who she is, but she looks like a visionary of sorts.

Look at the kid on the right. Entirely regretting his decision to kick and scream and insist that he too be on the float. It's just too blazing hot.

Spooky is a great word. This photo does not endorse nor recommend services of this DJ.

Much like the kid in the photo two above, this girl was regretting throwing that tantrum about the pony and the patriotic helmet... I'm pretty sure she was glaring at her cousin who was scarfing down some Blue Bell on the curb.

That's, all folks!

Oh wait, but that's the great thing about the Fredericksburg parade... they drive up Main Street then back down! Here's the Church's Chicken creepster car:

I'm a fan, too....(next one is June 8-9, 2012!)

Saluting the veterans...

Great afternoon snack of delicious watermelon on the back porch!!

Another good day in the life.

Off to the Races!

'ehhlo. I'm back. Forgive the delay. These will mostly be picture posts as it's been nearly three months and my memory isn't that great.

First up: the horse races in der Fredericksburg July 2-3!

....that's Professional Bull Riders... not the beer. I just liked the sky and the crisp little sign.

So yeah. There's a lot that goes into horse racing...and not just betting and winning (or losing terribly in the case of yours truly). Things like what these gents do... thought it's not exactly determinable what this is by this picture... I just liked the blue and green.

This little cowpoke was standing in line with his bettin' mom. Check out how worn out these boots are!!

Someone strategizing on the horses... she may have correctly bet on the right horse 3 races in a row!

Funny... and lots of white.

Heeeeeeere they are!

I love small towns.

"C'mon, Dover! Move your bloomin' ......"

Good times.