Monday, March 14, 2011

The progression

  • hotmail (back when we used to get on the internet and look up recipes for Mrs. Justiss' Home Economics class.... oh, was I the only one?)
  • MSN messenger (Mrs. Sembera's computer class)
  • yahoo (oh the hours spent on yahoo messenger on a 32kbps modem)
  • AOL/AIM (when yahoo just didn't cut it)
  • gmail (ever wary of the oh-so relevant ads...but it's just so dang convenient)
  • facebook (currently contemplating closing my account)
  • smart phone (torn between wanting to throw my giant phone in the river... or use it as a shield against WMD or a raging pterodactyl)
  • blogspot (because everyone reads this blog, right?)
  • photo website (because I enjoy throwing away $30 a month for no purpose)
  • linkedin (the professional facebook? Don't kid yourself: it's lame.)
  • twitter.
I did it. I caved. I am now on twitter. @eeppright. Wavering between only tweeting my deep thoughts (because we all know how often that would be).... or being one of those "omg I just ate two slices of pizza and I'm totes feeling preggers lol" fools.

Might even get a twitter sidebar for the blog. Look out, world.

The fun begins.