Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honor Flight

Honor Flight. is. awesome.

Check out for more info. This superb organization coordinates World War II veterans' visits to DC: They start off with a surprise greeting at the airport, take the veterans to the memorials and a special ceremony. When the day is over, there's a dance at the airport, then they load up and head back to their home state.

If this doesn't make you proud to be an American, I don't know what will. So many of the men and women I've been able to shake hands with and thank for their service say they had no such reception when they came back to the States from the war.

Honor Flight is a chance to honor our veterans like nothing you've ever seen. What a brilliant way to show love to the Greatest Generation.

Click on the box below to see a bunch of my photos on Picasa. These are from the September 11 (Alabama) and October 16 (North Carolina and South Carolina) Honor Flights I've participated in. You can tell what's going on in most of the photos, but do let me know if you have any questions. :)

Honor Flight 2010

Merinda came to DC!!

Quite remiss in reporting on Merinda's visit to DC last month!!! Had a blast.... gorgeous weekend. We went to the H Street Festival, Virginia Wine Festival, Annapolis, MD, met Third Day (and stayed for their concert, too), Restoration Arlington....and caught up on life amidst meals at McDonald's and Talulla...and places in between. SO great to see you after soooo long!

Odd little devil at the Wine Festival...

I can't take credit for any of the cool Wine Fest photos that follow...

The music was just too good.....

Onward to Annapolis, Marlyand where we went shopping, had crab cakes, and visited the Naval Academy. Note: good to visit on not-the-weekend.... you can actually get inside the chapel!

Extremely beautiful chapel. Gorgeous stained glass all over the place...

...aaand that's the extent of the photos from the weekend. Sadly didn't take my camera everywhere we went..... Come back and visit, Merinda!! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's true: I'd never been to New York City until this Labor Day weekend. Oh my goodness. It was infinitely cooler than I ever thought it could be! I went with some spiffy people who knew the city well. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Arrived by bus late Friday night. Goal: get a photo with some good-looking NYPD Blues.....

Well-informed citizen spouting angry opinion for a news camera...

There's a lot going on here...

We went kayaking for free on the Hudson River! Magnificent. We were a little shocked when the water (that was all over us because it was super windy) tasted salty. "Huh! I was expecting....chemicals!"

Because this is a totally normal thing to see.

Really? Designer mice? If only I ruled the world.... things like pro sports and designer catnip would be eradicated.


Oh Francisco, help me with my problems.....

Dutch Kills - really cool speakeasy in Queens. I'll have a Marie Antoinette.... or the best Caipirinha I've had in the states....

A RAT!!!! IN THE SUBWAY!! Visions of Adventures in Babysitting....

Turtle Island (?) in Central Park, where we sat like lizards

Sweet, sweet family sang beautiful songs and sounded like the Von Trap family. Who is this guy with no shirt on? Really!

Continuing with The Sound of Music theme, a group of sisters came to listen, as Andrew looks on...

TCFS (too cool for school) Statue of Liberty

Regal cathedral in the midst of the chaos of the city...

Brazilian Festival! Largest in the world (outside of Brazil, of course).

I was able to use the one thing I know how to say in Portuguese with this guy: "I speak a little Portuguese."

Check out the tats on this dude.

Right you are, sir. Right you are.



Check out the bewildered guard inside the Ann Taylor store

All tuckered out. GREAT trip. Who's ready for another one???

Day of Solitude

One of the many perks of working at IJM is that in addition to a generous number of vacation days staff may take one Day of Solitude. Splendid. I went to the Leesylvania State Park, former home of the Lee family... as in Light Horse Harry and Robert E. Went on a little hike, had a picnic, got eaten alive 97 times (no lie) by chiggers or flies or something.... and most importantly had good one on one time with God. Here are some photos from the day.....

This is at the top of a hill overlooking the Potomac. A canon was once here during the Civil War.

This is what remains of one of the old Lee homes


What more do you need: sweet tea, the good book, a spiffy leather journal, and a camera....

I walked along this shoreline for quite awhile... so nice.

I later moved on to Po Hick State Park, just because I liked the name. Sat and watched fishing boats go by....

Kayaks for rent! Note to self. Po Hick.

I like oak trees... reminds me of home.

The End.