Sunday, September 27, 2009


Das Weekend

Another fun-filled pack-as-much-as-I-can-into-the-weekend weekends is over.
  • Friday: took 1/2 day off from work and was able to do fun things like pick up a tennis court permit, bake cookies, and sleep late; worked late; met Haley in Chinatown to see The Informant, then out for Chinese food at this great dive, then watched a couple episodes of 24: Season One (I Love Jack Bauer - you too, Jamesy).
  • Saturday: enjoyed a cup of joe made from freshly ground coffee beans - really makes a difference.  I'm on the expressway to becoming an all-out coffee snob; biked a meager 12 miles on the Mount Vernon Trail... moral of the story: eat something of substance for breakfast; FINALLY mailed all the packages I've been meaning to send, and had a great talk with the mailman (Fred) about the greatness of Fredericksburg, Texas; got the oil changed FINALLY in Robert Francis Weatherbee AND the nail in the tire dealt with, had a great conversation with a total stranger for 2 hours at Caribou Coffee (I SO enjoy chance encounters); chilled at home, went out to Lighthorse and then s'mores at Cosi with Hayley, then to see Love Happens with Hayley and Kelli, and fell asleep reading Gone With the Wind.
  • Sunday: got up, read USAA magazine (thank you, Lord, that I'm a member); quick jog around the neighborhood, church service, potluck, and quarterly congregational meeting at Emmanuel; shopping with Hayley at Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall's and getting in the mood for fall; caught up with friends on the phone; cleaned the room; cooked dinner (or, burned the already cooked shrimp and made the house smell like awful burned seafood).  Now I'm off to try out my new skin care I've been told I should have been taking better care of my skin so I don't resemble an elephant at age 40.  Eeesh.
  • Next weekend is going to be awesome.  The first televised Aggie football game of the season is Saturday... along with Oktoberfest (come on, I lived in Shiner - I've GOTTA go in honor of the Old Country...yet ain't it?), and the next CiviTan rummage sale!!
"My life is a day to day experiment in really bad decisions." ~Elouise in Love Happens.  (Ok, so I don't feel like I make REALLY BAD decisions all day every day, but life definitely feels like a day to day experiment.)

"It's fun not knowing, isn't it?" ~Elouise.
(YES, YES it is.  Scary but fun.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Society of the Cincinnati

Ever a fan of anything remotely resembling a secret society, I of COURSE said yes to the field trip to the Society of the Cincinnati with Alex, Kristy, Mike, and Anne.  Check this out.

The house.  Given to the Society by Lars and Isabel Alexander.

The sign.

Angels carved in the sides of the....wooden chairs where guests could sit and choir could sing - from Italy.

A pin.  I'm telling you, I need some Revolutionary War officer descendants.  There's gotta be SOMEone out there!  (Thanks, Merinda.  DAR is just not going to cut it though.)

Gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.  Opulence is seriously the one word that best describes this home.

The Alexanders in their later years.  No kids.

I have a crush on Alexander Hamilton.  I can't figure out if this stems from the fact that he was so instrumental in the founding of our nation, yet he was not President.... or because I really like ten dollar bills.

This was over the entrance for the Anderson Family (there was a separate entrance for the guests):

Lots of little alcoves for art.  Lots of eclectic art from their travels abroad.  ALTHOUGH they often brought their servants as well as their own food while overseas.... so not exactly cultural immersion...

Tour guide who took a liking to Alex:

And tour guide taking a picture with my camera, clearly perturbed that I didn't have a massive display screen on my camera and he was forced to "look" through the little hole...

Lots of... trompe l'oire (sp?) throughout house... this is a real one on the ceiling downstairs though:

Gigantic painting Lars bought in Italy.  It depicts the marriage of some people in 1424.He tried to give it to several museums, but no one had ever heard of the artist, and didn't know where to put it.  He gave the painting to the architect and said, "Build me a house around this painting." (or something to that effect).

I snuck a picture on the second floor.  This giant hallway was "built to showcase some of their belongings."  Yeah, me too.  Belgian tapestries hung on the left side of the wall (lots of amazing tapestries throughout the house), as well as an odd assortment of chests, swords, shrines, and art from all over the world.

I felt like Belle in the massive ballroom/library in Beauty and the Beast.

The moral of the story is: travel to Europe after school, meet an equally wealthy diplomat, amass your fortunes in a house you only occupy from Christmas to Easter, then give it to a semi-secret society, and then you'll live happily ever after.

H Street Festival (Sunday)

H is for H Street Festival.

Haley spun the Price is Right-like wheel, and won a Cricket mini-backpack!  Good work.

MmmmMmmm curried GOAT!  Macaroni pie sounds intriguing too...

We even happened upon a fashion show in the middle of the street!

What is it?  What is it, Amy?!??

Karaoke songlist at Sticky Rice


Check out the expressions on the observers.

Juice: "You can be a champion!!  Jus' give me fo'ty dollas, two pitches, and a buth certifkit."
Haley: "Ok, so that's forty dollars, two...."
Juice: "Pitches."
Haley: "Right, two ....pitches...."
Juice: "An' a buth certifkit."
Emily: (whispering): "Just tell me where to go looking for you when you turn up missing...."

They call me "Juice." Note the crowd assembling.  Several people stopped Haley on the street later, commending her for her boxing skills.

Guitars, not Guns.   Silly rabbit, guns are for thugs.

Methinks Mike Huckabee would appreciate this one:

Make music, not war.

Car Art!!

A car covered in puff paint!

Because everyone needs at least one xylophone on the side of one's truck...

Just hanging out and eating BBQ chicken on the stoop...

IHOP - FAP (International House of Prayer for All Peoples)

This here's my truck.

She can go all the way to 100 miles an hour!

Yo-yo!  I got a Duncan sticker.  This dude was tal-en-ted.

Double Dutch!! I know all about this from watching it on Sesame Street.


She was good!

Here we are!  Thanks, PBR Joe.

She was singing to Mitch (a local, and a regular at Sticky Rice karaoke)

Yes, that's a bottle.  An irresponsible mother had her kid there... as well as her delinquent baby's daddy who rode off into the sunset on a bike with another woman.... we enjoyed watching the scandal unfold in front of everyone.

This guy was BELTING it out.

The finale to the karaoke show

A unicorn!!

"Hi, I'm PBR Joe.  Meet my brother, PBR Tom." (oooh foreshadowing?? eh?)


Something about the Germans running out of money and making the most efficient use of space possible.

It even had a propeller on the front!

Fantastic time.