Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rhett and Scarlett - one of the best romances


What I love about Saturdays: the ability to sleep nine hours, wake up, and read Gone with the Wind in bed.  This is truly one of the best books ever.  Ignorantly, I never knew there was a book (THANK you, Margaret Mitchell!), but growing up often watched the second of two VHS tapes, as the first tape was broken after the opening scene with the Tarleton boys.  The actors were cast so perfectly to go along with the descriptions in the book, it made me wonder what came first, the book or the movie?!   The book (1936) did come before the movie (1939).

I'm just beginning Chapter 18, and Scarlett is currently the widowed Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton.  Here's a great little section, just as Rhett and Scarlett are discussing the imminent siege on Atlanta, and that perhaps Rhett is staying in town to rescue Scarlett.

Scarlett tossed her head.  "I won't need you to rescue me.  I can take care of myself, thank you."

"Don't say that, Scarlett!  Think of it, if you like, but never, never say it to a man.  That's the trouble with Yankee girls.  They'd be most charming if they weren't always telling you that they can take care of themselves, thank you.  Generally they are telling the truth, God help them.  And so men let them take care of themselves."

"How you do run on," she said coldly, for there was no insult worse than being likened to a Yankee girl.

Oh, how I love the South.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Six: Last Day

Friday morning, and Amy and I let our hyper-planning personalities take over.  We were exactly on schedule to-the-minute.  While some people would laugh at our tightly wound natures, we proudly darted from activity to activity, smugly knowing that we were exactly where we were supposed to be at any given time..... until we arrived at the airport entirely too early... BUT there's a Fireworks store in the airport!! (Fireworks, Firefly (see yesterday's post), whatever).

Snobby sign we encountered on the way to Pike's Market one...(tears)....last (tears)... time.

Last kitschy picture of THE sign:

The market

Sipping the coffee of the day at the first Starbucks that ever lived.  Oh yeah, it's documented for forEVER.  AND I ran into Christine, who was a freshman in my Discussion Group at Fish Camp 2003 when I was a counselor in Camp ..... dangit I forgot which camp!  Purple Session A!  Derek was my partner. Best dang DG ever.  I'll think of it in a minute after I go punish myself for being a bad DG leader.

It appears that I missed several quality quotes from the trip, due to the simple fact that, while blogging in the basement, I was too lazy to walk up to my room on the second floor to grab my journal which contains the blessed quotes.  Here are a few stragglers:

"Why does love always feel like a BATTLEFIELD, a BATTLEFIELD....." ~Emily and Amy singing along to the chorus of a catchy song while on the road.

"Are you kidding me?  Are you that much of a pansy that you can't have a 2-wheel motorcycle?" ~one of us commenting on the "reverse tricycle" guy who, with his parents behind him in a minivan, kept happening to be at all the places we were (seriously.  On the ferry, at the restaurant, at English camp, and on the same kayak tour).

"I'm a crack baby." ~non-PC Amy after she made a silly mistake

"Fourty-five spots to park and you're waiting for the one truck to move?" ~Amy judging a lazy American

"Poodles are bred for their fur?!" ~one of us

"High five." ~me.  Every 10 minutes the first 2 days of the trip.

Amy kept getting assaulted by unwanted male attention, including:
"Ma'am, will you marry me?"
"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"
"Let me talk your ear off about your cool camera..."

"Well, that is what happens when you work.  You can buy things that are pretty." ~ Amy's Moral of the Story in reference to hobos hanging outside Nordstrom making people feel guilty

"I had a dream that your status on facebook said 'I can't wait to go home.  I'm miserable.'" ~Me, after waking up in yet another anxious fit.

"I carry your heart with me.  I carry it in my heart.  I am never without it anywhere I go you go my dear." ~ e.e. cummings

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Five: Tuesday

Tuesday morning.  Got up for another delicious breakfast, and sat outside to watch the boats come in and the planes fly out

Caught the ferry back to the mainland:

Can you really think of a better way to travel?

Goofy story:
Emily: "I know this is random, but I just remembered what my imaginary friends were named.  Write this down."
(Emily and Amy erupt into violent, can't-breathe-laughter)
Amy: "Wait, wait, while I get poised."
(more insane laughter).
Emily: Hohseebrunson and Selancion.

(Author's note: spelling is a bit fuzzy.  I do remember being adamant about the correct spelling of these names.  They were both boys.  I don't remember the two girls' names.  I didn't like them.  Don't nobody go stealing the name Selancion.  I'm going to use that name for something great.  A store, a pet, a car model.)

We spent the day crossing items off our list/shopping:
- Visit flagship Nordstrom (at which point Emily was disgusted that, though they sold Tom's shoes - on which were printed statistics on the majority of the world population that gets by for under $2 a day - they also sold sunglasses that cost over $500.  Non-prescription.  What the heck.)
- Discovered Firefly, the coolest store ever.  Closest example to the kind of store I hope to open someday.  Sadly I cannot find their website.  More to come on this.
- Spent $14 to park at aforementioned Nordstrom
- Lush: cool soaps/lotions/creams store - smelled SO good!  It was sunny, and starting to get hot, and things were melting like crazy.

"Jaywalker!! Die, tramp!!!"

We checked into Ace Hotel, a spiffy hotel in the heart of the cool part of the city.  Pictures later.

THEN we went over to Kate's cool architecture firm, met up with Kate and Brian, then got to see their ridiculously awesome apartment.  THEN headed over to the grocery store where Amy was incredibly well-mannered, THEN over to Jake/Bryan/Matt's house for dinner!  Delicious chicken, potatoes, and green beans.  So great to spend time with them.

After determining that we were in no shape to go out-out, we decided to go late-night sightseeing.  Amy, you'll have to help me with the names... 

Arbor-ish sculpture

Space Needle!

We walked through a mini-carnival at night that was closed.... and of course I started singing, 

"A fair is a veritable smorgasboard, orgasboard, orgasboard, after the crowds have ceased.  Each night, when the lights go out, it can be found, on the ground, all around, OH!  What a ratly feast."

(that's from Charlotte's Web, for all you uncultured readers)

It costs $16 to get to the top, and we didn't want to spend that kind of money.  Thus we took fun pictures at the base of the building.

Some out-of-the-box architect who makes life difficult for builders and has no imagination on the inside of the structures... (you can tell I've been hanging out with architects... only I cannot remember all the smart terms they use)...

Here are some propaganda-ish posters that were in our room!!  It started to get a little warm this night, and there was no A/C in the room.  The hotel is on the corner of a busy street, and we turned up the Colbert Report really loud, slept with no sheets, and used earplugs to drive out the sound of a crazy man alternating between playing the harmonica and screaming incessant jabber.

Guy playing harmonica/screaming: "asetoihagroihweoihagoaihg!!!!"
Guy downstairs: "DUDE!  I got fired today!  I lost my job and I just want to have a beer and enjoy it!!"
Guy playing harmonica/screaming: (harmonica)
...5 minutes later...
Guy playing harmonica/screaming: "asetoihagroihweoihagoaihg!!!!"

But really, Seattle is awesome.

Day Four: Monday

Forgive the delay.  Ahem.

We woke up Monday morning in the Friday House room in the Friday Harbor House Hotel in Friday Harbor.  Beautiful morning.

View #1 from porch:

View #2 from the porch:

We took the morning slow, window shopping, shopping, and loading up for our trek around the island of San Juan.  Went to the grocery store and packed a picnic!

Got so inspired to start a garden!

Quick brush with reality as we passed the newsstand: shocking news.  I should have been a fortune teller - I could have MADE a FORTUNE fortelling the future on this one!

Hey, it's Colby Hodges!

Not far out of Friday Harbor, we saw a CAMEL in a field!  So random we had to stop.  The owner was the sort of guy who would have a camel just for the heck of it.  See for yourself.


Made our way to the top of the island, the Haro House, and the largest Lime Works West of the Mississippi!

Artichoke!!  The greatest vegetable that ever lived.

Here, fishy fishy....

Invaded the English camp - read the sign!  There was a fight over a pig that almost sparked a war between Great Britain and the United States!  We barely missed the annual San Juan Pig Festival... I was very sad, but I think Amy was secretly grateful.

Blackberries were everywhere!  They were quite tart.

Amy and I invaded English Camp - here's Amy's Storm on the Little House:
The Little House:

Spotting a whale... I mean, I think it was a whale... a whale on its back with a flatboard stomach...
Check out pictures from our kayaking trip from Snug Harbor to Dead Man's Cove!! This was a massive highlight of the trip, and my inspiration to go kayaking again very soon.  Although it was technically a whale-watching tour, we didn't see any whales... BUT we did see two seals!!

The guide said we were awesome paddlers.  We were.

This was SO great!

Amy: "UGH!  Fish are so creepy!"
The nine other people on the trip: (incredulous stares, mouths agape)
Emily: "Then what the heck are you doing out here?!"
Amy: "I mean, they are!  I'm having fun, though!"

Amy:  "LOOK!  A bald eagle!"
(False alarm.  It was a decoy in a tree.)

Artsy picture of my paddle and a sailboat:

A view from the front cockpit

It was so beautiful the way the sun hit the water!

I took this one.

Look! a REAL bald eagle!  I've never seen a real bald eagle in real life.  I was feeling so patriotic that broke out into singing the National Anthem.  The eagle approved.  We bonded.

Here's a lighthouse a little down the road

Patient whale watchers.  We lasted about 5 minutes... but saw an otter!

Lots of wood washed up on the shore near American Camp

I'm pretty sure this was an old telephone pole.

Amy found a little home!!

From where I sit... life is good.

Look what I found washed up on the shore!

Look! Take pictures of me throwing pebbles in the water!
For our last night in Friday Harbor, we treated ourselves to a swanky dinner at the hotel.  I had a sidecar, and rockfish tacos.  Amy had white wine and crab cakes.   SUCH a peaceful evening, sitting outside.  We then went inside for a delectable S'mores pie.

Emily: "Are you going to eat that?" (pointing at Amy's 1/5 of the pie yet to be eaten)
Amy: "No, you want some?"
Emily: "Uh, yeah."

Since we already conquered the ...nonexistant..night life in downtown Friday Harbor, we opted to check out a movie from the hotel.  Nacho Libre was chosen.

Enter Emily's classiness: I decided to live it up and make use of all the lovely amenities in the hotel room.  I turned on the fireplace, poured some wine, turned on the TV, and jumped in a bubble bath.  It was great.  If you have to watch Nacho Libre, I highly recommend watching it in front of a fireplace, in a bathtub, drinking wine.  High class.

Amy opted to stay in bed and read magazines.

I love Friday Harbor!!!