Saturday, January 31, 2009

Touring with Mom - Part 2 again

Executive Office Building? I think? Mom took this one - so regal!

Random pic of a guy in the reviewing stand opposite the White House.

The Secret Service has a 4-wheeler!! Love it!

Had a great time, Mom! I love you! :-)

Touring with Mom - Part 2

I LOVE the Library of Congress!! If America wants to bequeath it to me in her will, that would be great.

Don't judge. I find these pictures hilarious. Look! It's a giant Emily touching the top of the US Capitol! It's funny.

I'm pretty sure this street's full name is Emily's Executive Park. This is a side entrance to the White House.

Look everyone! Mass chaos! The White House is under construction!! Just kidding. The reviewing stand is on the right side of this photo. A lot of the seats on Pennsylvania Avenue were still there after the inauguration.

Folks, the blogger is being difficult and won't let me post more than 4 pictures at the moment. More to come.

"Better keep yourself clean and bright. You are the window through which you must see the world." ~George Bernard Shaw

Touring with Mom - Part 1

We arrived in Arlington on Wednesday and got lost and unlost Thursday and Friday. Sheesh. I need my own compass/walking GPS system. Here's a patriotic tour bus for you:

The rotunda inside the National Gallery of Art:

Cool clouds surrounding the Federal Trade Commission:

I took this picture just as we emerged from the Holocaust Museum:

Happy Birthday, FBI!!

Most Embarrassing Moment Thus Far:
Concierge was absent from his desk most of the day, so in lieu of a bell cart or, God forbid, a DOLLY, we found a Safeway grocery cart in the loading dock area and used it to cart up the "oh no, it won't take you any time at all to assemble" (says the salesperson) desk and TV table from Ikea. Pictures of my handiwork coming soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Day 1

...and we're off! Highlight definitely was stopping in Hope, Arkansas - most notably the birthplace of Mike Huckabee. It was magical. We stayed at a ghetto Motel 6 in Little Rock - but hey! $31.99 plus tax! Tried to go by the Clinton School of Public Service but Mom refused.

Day 2

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel - MAN there's nothing like a good breakfast that involves gravy, potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausage, orange juice, and hot coffee. We traveled through Memphis Tennessee: drove up to the gates of Graceland, but didn't see Elvis walk right through (Bruce Springsteen reference for ya there). PLUS it costs $28 per person PLUS $10 parking to visit. What? I don't even LIKE Elvis! Token photo of main driveway into Graceland:

Instead, I was walking in Memphis, walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale (YES! One of my life goals!)... and was almost LITERALLY walking in Memphis because we almost ran out of gas. Went to Corky's and had iced sugar syrup... I mean sweet tea... and a loaded baked potato stuffed with pulled pork. Wow.

Went down to Amory, Mississippi - home of the late Charles Binford Moore, Sr. (my grandfather whom I never met). What a precious little town! We met his childhood friend, Mr. Bryan, who volunteers at the Amory City Museum. We got a personal tour of the museum then a private drive out to the cemetery where my great-grandparents are buried, to the old bridge where my gradfather used to jump off of, and where his childhood home used to be (and is now a parking lot for the Baptist Church. Dang those Baptists). Also went to see the church my grandfather attended as a child - First Methodist.How cool to know that my relatives were good, God-believin', Bible-readin' smart folks. Fun fact: my great-great-grandfather on my dad's side and my great-grandfather on my mom's side were both high school principals. No wonder I'm so smart.

Day 3

Awoke in Franklin, Tennessee and drove to Nashville. Met up with Emma W. who goes to Vanderbilt for some Huevos Cubanos (Cuban-style eggs - nothing to do with cigars) at Fido! Visited Belle Meade Plantation (origin of such fine racing bloodlines as Secretariat and recent Kentucky Derby winners). Stopped in at The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson. Beautiful house! Sadly Dolly Parton's Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN is closed. I was looking forward to that stop.

Day 4

Woke up in Knoxville for a long driving day... stopped in at Wendy's for a lunch (Frostie and Fries... yesss). Lots of fog and car wrecks - thankfully we only encountered the former. Please observe this truck. Tennessee Chevy prototype 1. We paid homage to Davy Crockett from 25 miles... it was 25 miles out of the way, alright?? Stopped at a pizza place in Charlottesville, Virginia, where they burned our pizza so we got another one for free. Love the freebies.

Day 5

Breakfast at Para, a charming little coffee shop close to campus that screams "Traci T.!!!" As we walked around the GORGEOUS campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Mom looked at me and asked, "You're regretting your entire college career, aren't you? :). Not quite , but it IS a magnificent campus and it gave me motivation to go back to grad/law school. Not enough to actually APPLY... but I'm getting there.

We were first in line at Monticello for the Architectural Tour. Incredible. Monticello is an amazing homestead. Jefferson has so many quirky rooms and revolutionary ideas. Methinks that he and I would have been great friends had I been alive back then... :)

...drumroll please... I'm HOME! We made it to Arlington, moved everything in, and all is well in the world. First errand involved a trip to the oh-so-close Whole Foods. Got lost and couldn't figure out how to get the key fob/access thinkgamagig to work. Nothing like staying humble. The trip is over... but now the REAL adventure begins!!! Stay tuned...